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We invite you to discover the Tempus Trans Group.

About us

We specialise in providing shipment services for both less than truck and full truck loads across North-Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. 

We offer shipment services for a variety of cargo types, such as temperature-controlled cargo, ADR (dangerous goods), express loads, and other specialised shipments. 

We have offices in Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, and Poland, with a wealth of experience spanning over 18 years in the industry. We strive to deliver superior quality, speed, and efficiency to enhance the added value for both you and your customers.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at our prices and services. You will be impressed!

Our geographic reach

Tempus Trans, UAB, was established in 2006 in Lithuania. At first, our shipment services consisted of handling both less than truck and full truck loads between the Baltic States and the Balkans. We have grown, earned the trust of our customers, and expanded the geographic reach of our load shipment services. 

Today, we can offer more

  • Shipment of less than truck and full truck loads between the North-Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) and the Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania). 
  • Shipment of less than truck and full truck loads to the Caucasus. We consolidate less than truck loads in Bulgaria and ship them to Sakartvelo, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. The loads are shipped via Turkish territory and by ferry from Bulgaria to Georgia.
  • Shipment of less than truck and full truck loads to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The loads are transported through either Russia or Turkey, avoiding Russian territory. 
  • Shipment of less than truck and full truck loads to Cyprus and Israel. In Greece, the loads are transhipped into containers and delivered directly to the consignees or to the port area.

Our branch offices and new opportunities

We are expanding our network of branch offies to improve the quality and availability of our services.

    • In 2021, we opened a branch office in Bulgaria. 
    • In 2022, we opened a branch office in Romania. 
    • And in 2023, we opened a branch office in Poland.

International offices assist in facilitating the seamless arrangement of distribution and pickup of loads. Loads are picked up every day and shipped to distribution warehouses. 

Once the international truck arrives at the distribution warehouse, the loads are delivered to customers on the same or next day. Depending on the country, we fill between 2 and 10 trucks each week with less than truck loads. 

By establishing a strong presence near our customers, we can better understand their needs and goals. 

Our international offices, along with our comprehensive and effective freight network in Europe and beyond, guarantee seamless and superior service for our customers. 

Focus on quality, team development, and technology

Our commitment to exceptional service, fullfilment of obligations, and flexibility have helped us to establish partnerships with some of the major companies in the Baltics and the Balkans.

To maintain quality and effectiveness, we consistently make investments in cutting-edge technologies and professional development.

We aim to maintain a lasting partnership built on trust, respect, and mutual benefit.  We seek a long-term, close, and mutually beneficial collaboration, rather than a casual one.  Our focus is on professionally and reliably serving our clients’ interests and providing the most effective solutions.

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We believe that long-term success is built on diligence and gained knowledge. Tempus Trans, UAB, has accumulated 18 years…

Logistics and load shipments involve risks and require a high level of knowledge and responsibility.

When selecting partners, it is crucial to prioritize responsibility and commitment. They comprise our company’s values.